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Dualities in Gender Shoot with CIARA RENEÉ

Meet this amazing human; actress, singer, producer, writer and friend, Ciara Reneé. I was blessed a few months ago to connect with her though her production company, Our Sky Productions. As she was preparing to get her short film entitled Reddy Records off the ground.

The company’s mission of inclusion, equity, equality, and representation was what drew me to connect and reach out to Ciara. It turned out that the universe wanted us to connect because she needed an artistically and graphic savy friend as well. haha. After collaborating on a couple projects and getting to know this gal, I joined the team for Reddy Records as a co-producer.

Before she moved to LA and I returned to Ohio, we had the chance for a photoshoot with a mission to highlight gender stereotypes. For this shoot we wanted to show equality between the dualities while also displaying a paradoxical shift in how we typically see the two. I had a blast in the studio capturing these shots, it definitely is one of my favorite shoots to date.

Check out Ciara here on instagram and twitter, as she shares her journey and voice. She is such a bright light and soul, speaking her truth on important topics of our world, she also is an unreal talent with a killer voice!

Lastly, check out and follow REDDY RECORDS! It is a musical fantasia about a woman who has to find forgiveness with her father, as well as face her fears and insecurities. This film features a diverse and inclusive cast and crew. After 3 months of hard work, through a crowdfunding campaign on SEED AND SPARK.. we are FULLY FUNDED. Now it is time to make this work of art.

I’ve been grateful for Ciara’s friendship and have learned so much through this process. I am proud of the work she has done and what we have done together, and cannot wait for the next step of the journey…

Enjoy these shots from our shoot… there were soo so many good ones!