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Adding more ART

Hey guys.. great news! There is more to come to Renaissance Zafi. As a renaissance woman I have been trying to integrate some of my other loves. Here is my first post to make the effort and officially start adding some art adventures! I will be posting about gallery and museum visits... as well as hopefully some of my own artwork process posts..

When I went home I was able to visit the Akron Art Museum. It def is not as big as the Met, and it's not NYC, but it's part of my hometown. The Akron Art Museum is also pretty impressive for a local small town museum. Firstly, the architecture alone is amazing. It connects old and new, part an old brick building, and the other half a gorgeous glass creation of amazing angles. Thanks to my brother I was able to take a minute and marvel at this Akron wonder designed by Coop Himmelb(l)au. (thanks Faris, for teaching me that as well!) Secondly, it houses some pretty famous works of art- Chuck Close, Frank Stella, Kehinde Wiley, also many artists that I personally know! Some of my professors have work exhibited, and it is inspiring. Maybe one day you will see my work there? 

It was gross and rainy the entire time I was home. I wore my pacific thermal from free people, my New fave Tobi jeans, my go to Nasty Gal jacket, and black booties.

Location: Akron Art Museum |  Top: Free People | Jeans: Tobi | Boots: Just Fab | Photography: Faris Ahmed


For those of you who have known me for a long time, know that I have never really been a sports fan. Since the success of the Cleveland Cavaliers these past two years, I kind of have become an overnight fan. 

I recently got this awesome baseball tee from Little Chicago Co. and it is seriously my favorite. Its such an easy tee to thrown on, it's so soft I have even worn it to bed. I love the classic silhouette, the simple graphic text and its super soft quality. I paired it with my new Rag & Bone jeans, my leather jacket, and my black Nikes. 

Right now I'm loving this easy weekend outfit, or for when watching the game on tv. Hopefully soon I can make it to a game in person!

I hope you all are staying warm from today's blizzard; Stella! If off to go cheer on my Cavs!