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This year is flying by! Yes, I have been posting less... but I also have been doing more! As much as I constantly miss the city, my friends and the lifestyle, I stop to think about my accomplishments. 

For those of you who do not know, I am currently a full-time art teacher. I teach grades 4 though 8 and also get to teach fashion design. I know crazy, middle school!? They are crazy indeed— somedays they are all attitude and are cooler than school, other days they are inquisitive, insightful, creative, silly and inspiring. I absolutely love that I get to inspire and teach them everyday! 

Massillon has truly given me the opportunity to make my visions a reality. We have been creating so much goodness in the classroom- check out some of the work on my art ed twitter. I also have taken on my largest project yet! I recently was the Artistic Director for our school musical, Beauty and the Beast. I was overwhelmed with nothing put positive feedback! Also being part of the theatre community, fed my soul (I'm obsessed with theatre for those of you who didn't know!) Even though it was a middle school level, I set my expectations at nothing but the best. People raved that it did not look like a middle school production either! 

All of these things combined have gotten me noticed. And I am proud to say, I have been chosen as the candidate for my district as Educator Rookie of the Year! I am proud to be a Massillon Tiger. Thank you to everyone in believing in me, supporting me, and recognizing me.



Jacket: Forever 21 | Jeans: Tobi | Shoes: Free People | Photography: Rachel Hanon

As for my outfit- I found this jacket at Forever 21! It's our school spirit colors, but I love that on the sleeve it says NEW YORK. It is like the best of both worlds! I let the jacket stand for itself by pairing it with all black, of course. My ripped knee black skinnies are from Tobi and my slide-on mules are Free People. I feel like a race car driver in this outfit. 3-2-1... Let's go! Here's to more greatness this year. 

Xo Zafi 

Highline in High Rise.

Today I am wearing the perfect basic NYC outfit. Its simple, edgy, and great for spring on the Highline. I spent the afternoon enjoying the sunshine with my bestie Rachel, we went to a map making workshop which was so fun, and then enjoyed delicious empanadas for lunch. Yum!

I'm wearing another off the shoulder trend top... and I just cannot get enough! It is from Tobi!! The fact that it is a bodysuit is even better, because you don't need to keep tucking it in or messing around with it. One piece and done! It is ribbed and so comfy, I also love the amazing flare sleeves, that make you want to frolic and dance around all day! Secondly, i'm really excited about my jeans. I have been trying to find the perfect high rise busted knee jeans, and I found the perfect pair from Tobi as well. They are literally the softest jeans, they feel like leggings. I know I plan to wear them with everything!

I paired my two Tobi pieces with some great accessories. First I have a fabulous double choker from Free people. I love the embroidered gold, so beautiful. Next I have a pair of peep toe fringe booties from Just fab. The fringe on the side is such a fun detail, I love wearing them! All these pieces make perfect weekend wear staples. Hope you all are having a lovely weekend!

Bodysuit: Tobi | Jeans: Tobi | Shoes: Just Fab | Choker: Free People | Photography: Rachel Hanon Photography 

Xo. Zafi