Cozy Scarf at Lincoln Center

I cannot believe February is just flying by. The weather has been pretty nice, I can't complain.. I am so ready for spring! This week has been crazy- mostly working and photo. During the week I had a chance to capture this comfy basics outfit! 

My brother got me this Forever 21 scarf for Christmas and its my favorite. Its so huge, but thats why I love it; it keeps me super warm, comfy ,and I can wear it in so many ways! Bunch it up so its giant, or just draped.. I'm wearing my favorite scarf with my high waisted Pac Sun Bullhead jeans, and a lululemon sweater. I threw on this coat from New York and Company, its really old but I still love it!

I've def been on budget lately, but it has been fun to figure out new ways to come up with new outfits and reinvent with pieces in my closet. 

Xo. Zafi

Sweater: Lululemon | Jeans: Pac Sun - Bullhead | Boots: Just Fab  | Coat: New York & Co. | Scarf: Forever 21 | Hat: Ebay