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Cozy Scarf at Lincoln Center

I cannot believe February is just flying by. The weather has been pretty nice, I can't complain.. I am so ready for spring! This week has been crazy- mostly working and photo. During the week I had a chance to capture this comfy basics outfit! 

My brother got me this Forever 21 scarf for Christmas and its my favorite. Its so huge, but thats why I love it; it keeps me super warm, comfy ,and I can wear it in so many ways! Bunch it up so its giant, or just draped.. I'm wearing my favorite scarf with my high waisted Pac Sun Bullhead jeans, and a lululemon sweater. I threw on this coat from New York and Company, its really old but I still love it!

I've def been on budget lately, but it has been fun to figure out new ways to come up with new outfits and reinvent with pieces in my closet. 

Xo. Zafi

Sweater: Lululemon | Jeans: Pac Sun - Bullhead | Boots: Just Fab  | Coat: New York & Co. | Scarf: Forever 21 | Hat: Ebay


I hope you all are back in the swing of things after the holidays. NYC just had a couple days that were super cold and windy. When I'm cold, I don't want to do anything. It’s tempting to be lazy and stay cozy inside, but then I get stir crazy!  Plus, when you get all bundled up and go out exploring on those cold, cold days, you always feel refreshed.

A few years ago, I discovered the brand One Piece Jump In . When I saw it on tumblr, I just knew I had to have one. They are so much better than your average onesie. They are made of super warm, sweat shirt material, have a range of sizes and colors, and are unisex. I love how it zips all the way to the top, which is so funny, but on those arctic days you need that additional coverage. Shortly after purchasing one, I noticed it to be a popular piece amongst celebrities like Katy Perry, One Direction, J Beibs, Miley Cyrus, and even Gossip Girl's Chuck Bass.

I have been all about the onesie trend for a few years now, and my love is just as strong. I love that with the One Piece brand I can layer it, or tie it around my waist. It’s perfect for a comfy, casual day, or also running errands and working around the city.

I wore mine with a simple fleece long sleeve underneath, my Steve Madden combat boots, a Free People beanie for a pop of color, and a Pac Sun X Kendall & Kylie scarf.

You all have to check out this brand if you live somewhere cold! I’m already thinking about getting another one...

Jumpsuit: One Piece

Hat: Free People

Scarf: Pac Sun X Kendall & Kylie

Boots: Steve Madden

Photography: Matthew Hall Photography

Stay Warm! Xo. Zafi


Hello Hello! Happy New Year!! 

I hope you all had a happy holidays and are kicking off week one of the new year right. :) I know I have been MIA, I went home and my brother came to visit. I figured I would rest, recharge and come back strong! 

My new years was overall pretty chill; my brother and I went to Brooklyn to see some fireworks. We had gone to the Oculus earlier in the day and it was packed, due to the holiday tourism. After celebrating the new year we decided it would be fun to go back super late! It was soo empty and perfect for a shoot. I just love the architecture here and mostly how aesthetic good it is, being that it is completely white. Photo dreams come true. 

For my outfit, I still wanted sparkle to ring in the new year right, but was not about being too cold, or having aching feet. I wore a gold glitter crop from h&m. I say yes to gold all day everyday, but the sequin fun made it perfect for the new year celebrations. I then paired the top with some Pac Sun high-waisted black skinnies. I threw on my go to leather jacket, and my patent leather doc martens. My outfit was a combination of fun and edgy. 

I'm so excited for whats to come this new year! For me I didn't make specific resolutions to accomplish but general things to do in life more. So if I at least do it more than last, I will feel more accomplished. Some of mine- travel more, live more, take more photos, draw, create, and love more.

Top: h&m

Jacket: Nasty Gal

Jeans: Pac Sun

Shoes: Doc Martens

What were some of your resolutions, and how is it going so far? 

Xo. Zafi